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In the Fall of 2021 a Great New Business Partnership had been developed between M&M Landscaping and LifeTime Fitness. We not only have the site in Fort Washington, but Wayne, Pa as well. We look forward to developing a very long lasting partnership for many years to come. So far our partnership has blossomed into a Full Service Agreement. In the Fall of 2021 we signed a Master Service Agreement for Snow & Ice Removal at both centers. The great dedication and hard work paid off through the snow removal Season and Blossomed into a Full service Partnership by adding our Basic Maintenance Landscape Package.

Services Provided:

We provide exceptional landscaping services to a wide range of residential properties.

A team that is fully skilled and trained specially for the worst disasters.

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  • Project Name: LifeTime Fitness : Fort Washington, PA  – Landscaping
  • Customer Type: Residential
  • Category: Patio, Pergola, Kitchen, Entertainment
  • Location: Bucks County, PA

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